5 Skills That Separate Novice Actors From Professionals

5 Skills That Separate Novice Actors From Professionals

When you are trying to make it in the acting business, it is all about the audition. When you go in for a part, it is important that you look like a professional, even if you have never landed a part before. If you can blow the casting director away with a stellar performance and a professional demeanor, you are sure to get the part. Read on for five skills that separate novice actors from professionals.

Make Decisions

When you are reading for a part, you likely will not get the entire script. You will probably only get a small section. It may be difficult to know a lot about your character, so the best option is to make a choice and go with it. Glean what you can about the character, and fill in the blanks of what you don’t know. Casting directors will be more impressed if you play a well-developed character rather than trying to be too broad.

Choose a Scene That Lets You Be Active

You may be tempted to choose a monologue to really show off your acting chops, but you will be better served by a scene that shows some action. A character’s inner musings does not really give you a chance to show the casting director just what you can do. Choose a scene that allows you to move and shows your character in some sort of proactive position. This will allow you to show your range and prove that you are perfect for the part.

Don’t Forget to Act When You Are Not Speaking

One of the biggest factors that separates novice actors from professionals is what goes on between the actor’s lines of dialogue. If you only focus on what you are saying or what you are going to say next, casting directors will be reluctant to hire you. Remember that a big part of acting is reacting, and what you do when you are not speaking is just as important. Make sure to listen and react to other lines and situations.

Remember the Before and After

You may only be acting out a small scene, but you must remember that it is part of a larger work. Make sure to put your scene in the context of the rest of the work. When you start the scene, you should know where the character is mentally before the scene begins. The same goes for the ending. Even after you have spoken your last line, try to remain in character for a few moments more, signifying what your character would do next.

Be Confident

If you haven’t been on many auditions, you may be a bundle of nerves. If you let those nerves get to you, your audition is not going to go well. You must appear confident, even if you do not feel like it. However, you do not want to go too far and seem cocky. Casting directors want actors who are secure with themselves, but not those who seem like their egos will be an issue.

Logan Sekulow is a renowned producer and director.