Top 8 Movies that Are Exactly Similar to their Mother Novels

It is extremely rare for a movie to go exactly as the book reads. Book to film adaptations take on many alterations aimed at making movies easier and cheaper to produce. Most of famous films that have graced the screens are film adaptations of creative writers. The goal of film adaptations is to bring in the visual and audio elements which evidently lacks in books and novels. Film makes storytelling much more captivating pulling the viewer’s attention in and keeping it until the story ends.
Most novels are restricted by the lack of visual and audio aid to present their ideas to the audience. With that in mind, here are the top eight movies known to be borrowed from novels.

1. Fight Club

In this movie, the movie’s narrator works with the eponymous club to solve problems in the underground society. He works with a man we are made aware of as a figment of his rather creative imagination. The production team does a decent job of following the book to the letter.

2. Trainspotting

The film Trainspotting is written in Scottish, which may make it necessary for some viewers to require subtitles. The book tells the story of a band of young oddities with unique elements. The young men go through a life highlighted by one misfortune after another. They struggle with sobriety in UK’s drug underworld, struggling to emerge in a single piece.

3. The Exorcist

This film is based on the novel The Exorcist, written by Blatty and published in 1971. The movie captures every detail of the novel because Blatty worked as a producer during the film’s production. The film was so on point that it won Blatty an Academy Award. Thanks to his creative genius, The Exorcist remains a horror classic to date.

4. The Grifters

Donald Westlake writes the screenplay for this movie. He aims to bring a modern feel to the noir crime genre for young viewers to enjoy and relate to. He went to great lengths to stylize the film and stayed true to the novel. Jim Thompson wrote the novel.

5. American Psycho

Easton Ellis’ 1991 creative novel American Psycho takes a deep, disturbing dive into the mind of a serial killer. The movie does a great job adopting Bateman’s character and music taste living out no detail. The only discrepancy in the movie is that the killer uses a weapon during a monologue in the film.

6. The Coen Brothers

Borrowed from the Cormac McCarthy novel, No Country For Old Men. The Coen Brothers follow the novel’s plot to the letter changing only a few signature styles to the film. The film quickly draws the viewer to the dark Western tale, which does little to define the true protagonist keeping the viewer in suspense.

7. Jesus’ Son

In a quest to discover who he is and how to truly love himself, a young man is caught up in drug-fueled adventures in a misguided effort to feel true belonging. The film only changes the order of events to make them flow.

8. High Fidelity

The only difference between the story and the film is that they are set in different cities. Every other detail is followed to a T. Nick Hornby’s novel sets the story in London while the film is acted in Chicago. Because of the difference in continents, the viewer will notice some cultural differences, which add some zest to the story.

The 10 Best Kids Movies of All Time

The 10 Best Kids Movies of All Time

As the weather begins to cool and kids everywhere begin their retreat inside, it is a good idea to have a list of recommended movies for children on hand. Here are ten of the most beloved movies sure to please any child:


This classic movie stars Judy Garland as Dorothy Gale, a girl from Kansas who finds herself in the magical land of Oz after being swept up in a tornado. Along her journey, Dorothy makes many friends and has quite the adventure. But in the end, the pull of home is too strong in this endearing story.


This Steven Speilberg flick teaches kids about the power of empathy and the connections that form if you open your heart to others. Although this movie might be slightly frightening to young children, people of all ages will feel their heartstrings tugged as the story comes to a climatic and emotional end.


Pixar does it again in this inspiring story of a dad going to the ends of the earth to find his cherished son, Nemo.


Your kids will be singing along in this foot-stomping adventure through the streets of London. The sequel is due out soon so this is a perfect time to introduce your kids to the magic of Mary Poppins and her friends.


People of all ages will delight in this classic tale of love and magic. Boys and girls will both appreciate the romance, sword fights, and miracles detailed in this fantastical story.


Like “The Princess Bride”, these movies offer something for kids of all ages and genders. The witchcraft and wizardry draw viewers into a magical world of mystery and fun. As a bonus, the movies might inspire your children to delve into the equally amazing series of books.


Who ya gonna call? Dial up this movie for a family-friendly adventure guaranteed to make your kids howl with laughter. Parents will also enjoy taking the stroll down the memory lane of this classic film.


Disney’s latest family movie is the ideal story to teach children about the importance of family and honoring your heritage. Rich in color and lyrical music, this beautiful movie will make you want to hug your children tighter as you appreciate the strong bond of family connection.


This iconic Disney movie represents some of the best features of filmmaking during its time. Although still in its infancy, the innovative CGI technology shines through while the classic music weaves a story that is truly a tale as old as time.


This classic fairytale is still a winner after all of these years. The bursting color, romance, and magic of this story will give everyone a happily ever after.

The only thing you need now is a big bowl of popcorn!

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7 of The Best Movies Ever Filmed In Pittsburgh

7 of The Best Movies Ever Filmed In Pittsburgh

Dozens of movies have been filmed in or around Pittsburgh over the decades. While some were awful, others earned Academy Awards. The coolest movies, however, were those that both earned critical or popular acclaim and showcased various features or attractions within Pittsburgh. Consider the following seven examples:

Flashdance (1983)

“Flashdance” was an admittedly silly romantic comedy about a beautiful young woman who worked in a steel mill during the day and danced at a bar at night while hoping to somehow earn a slot in a dance conservatory. In addition to being set in Pittsburgh, the movie also featured Vic Vianca, a Pittsburgh traffic cop known for his flamboyant ways of directing traffic.

Night of The Living Dead (1968)

Considered one of the greatest horror movies ever made, George Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead” introduced people to the fast-moving and predatory zombies that later inspired shows like “The Walking Dead.” It also features shots of the Evans City Cemetery in Butler County that are among the most telegenic ever.

Dawn of The Dead (1978)

Made a decade after “Night,” most of this sequel was shot at the Monroeville Mall. Romero killed two birds with one stone by making a zombie movie that also satirized mindless consumerism.

Adventureland (2009)

“Adventureland” is a romantic comedy set in 1987 that stars Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart. Eisenberg plays a recent college grad with big plans that get derailed by money troubles. He thus has to take a job at the titular Adventureland, which is really Kennywood, an amusement park just eight miles southeast of Pittsburgh. Kennywood, which opened in 1898, boasts rides that date as far back as 1920 along with more modern attractions.

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

In contrast to the first two movies in “The Dark Knight Trilogy,” which were shot mainly in England, parts of “The Dark Knight Rises” were set in Pittsburgh,including the sequence where the evil Bane sets off a series of bombs that destroy parts of the city, including Gotham Stadium, which is really Heinz Field. Hines Ward, who had played for the Pittsburgh Steelers in real life, had a cameo as a football player outrunning the explosions. Pittsburgh residents can also spot various streets, plus the Carnegie Mellon University Software Science Institute and the Carnegie Institute, which are both in Oakland.

Silence of The Lambs (1991)

“Silence of the Lambs” bagged several Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress and is one of the few horror films to earn such accolades. It also features such Pittsburgh landmarks as the county jail, the Allegheny Courthouse, Oakland’s Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Mall, and Canonsburg’s Western Center. The last has since been demolished.

Striking Distance (1993)

The action thriller “Striking Distance” was set entirely in Pittsburgh; in fact, an early title for the film was “Three Rivers,” which referred to the fact that Pittsburgh sits at the junction of the Ohio, Monongahela, and Allegheny Rivers. Bruce Willis and Sarah Jessica Parker play a pair of cops pursuing a serial killer. The film features such Pittsburgh landmarks as Mt. Washington, Monongahela, and Point State Park.

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3 Steps to Having a Successful Acting Career

3 Steps to Having a Successful Acting Career

For many people, the idea of having a thriving acting career is just a dream. For others, the reality to chase after and go for their dreams is exciting and real. The acting world is large and highly competitive. It takes more than just schooling in drama or the arts. There are qualities that people must have in order for them to actually be successful in this line of work since the stakes can be so high.

Take the First Step on Your Path

This is the most important tidbit to remember for nearly everything in life. You must take the first step. The first step is always the scariest and the most unsure, but as you head on the right direction, the hardest part is already over with. There are countless people in life that regret not taking that first step or wish they had done it sooner. That path that you make your own can lead to the unimaginable or unthinkable; but you have to put the foot out and go first.

Be Patient and Work Hard

The best things in life usually take the longest. That means that even if you feel like you should be somewhere else more advanced or more superior in an area, it might take a little more time. Patience is a virtue because it is hard to attain. Master it. Work on yourself and know that no one is perfect and you can only get better in your craft. Take criticism and understand that it can only improve you if you allow it. The best people in their art are the people that worked hard and never quit. Everyone has days that they want to throw in the towel and think it will be easier by doing so. Do not allow that mindset to take hold. Keep pushing yourself and believe that you can achieve your dreams and desires that you want.

Be the Best and Sought After

Understand another important concept. Acting is a career or can be a full time career to those that go after it. If anyone wants to be the best in their field, industry or whatever their endeavor, than some sacrifices will have to be made. Realize that you will have to pay your dues and work the long hours or work part time gigs that are not that glamorous as well. In spite of all this, the work will pay off and once you become the best you can be one of the most sought after in the business. Study, learn and take advice from a mentor that can help you become the best.

Compiling all of this information, take the first step, work hard and be the best. Be yourself and do not let anyone or anything hold you back.

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5 Movies That Were Hurt By A Mid-Film Director Change

5 Movies That Were Hurt By A Mid-Film Director Change

Movies cost more to make than ever before. Studios are keen to see their films make a profit. If a production is taking too long or not hitting the beats the studio wants to see, there’s a high chance the suits will step in to make things right. Sometimes studios think a film is so far gone that the only option left is to replace the director.

Changing a director is like giving a film a heart transplant. It’s a huge risk and many films that make the change end up flopping. Check out our list of five films that were hurt by a mid-production director change.

Justice League

Sometimes director changes can’t be helped. Zack Snyder made the decision to step down as director of Justice League after his 20-year-old daughter tragically committed suicide. Warner Bros. brought in Joss Whedon to finish the film, whose lighthearted style clashed with the darker tone Snyder had work. Whedon’s changes required reshoots that resulted in poorly done CGI being used to remove a mustache Henry Cavill had grown for another film.

Exorcist: The Beginning

This movie has a sordid pre-production that eventually resulted in two different films being produced about the same idea (both starring Stellan Skarsgard). Paul Schrader had already replaced an ailing John Frakenheimer when the studio decided that the film would not draw audiences. They went back to the drawing board and hired Renny Harlin who shot an entirely different screenplay. The Schrader film was eventually released as Dominion: Prequel To the Exorcist. Neither film was successful.

The 13th Warrior

The adaption of Michael Crichton’s epic book Eaters of the Dead was originally going to share its name with the book but was reimagined as The 13th Warrior when John McTiernan was replaced by Crichton after the film failed to please test audiences. This pushed the film’s release date back by a year. While Crichton shot a new ending and replaced the film’s composer, McTiernan was still billed as the film’s director. Despite a strong opening, the movie was not able to make a profit.

Rumor Has It

What happens when you fire a writer/director from their passion project? Their passion project flops. Such was the tragic story of Rumor Has It. Director Ted Griffin was let go for falling far behind schedule. This was in part due to his firing of cinematographer Ed Lachman. Village Roadshow Pictures hired Rob Reiner as a replacement and the script was reworked by Kathy Bates. None of the original film saw the light of day.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

“Creative differences” can mean whatever a studio wants. For Phil Lord and Chris Miller, it meant that they were removed from the latest Star Wars film. Rumors still make the rounds of the cut of the film we would have gotten if the duo had not been let go. Some speculate that they were replaced because they were working too much comedy into the script but it is more likely that Lucasfilm did not approve of the directors’ improvisational style that would have deviated from the screenplay penned by Lawrence Kasdan.

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The Top 5 Most Underrated Movies of All Time

The Top 5 Most Underrated Movies of All Time

Making a film is always a bit of a gamble with no perfect formula for a success or a flop. Even movies with A-list actors, award winning directors, and an established fan base, such as the recent Solo: A Star Wars Story, can fall short at the box office. Whatever the reasons, some wonderfully made films just don’t get the attention they deserve. Below is five of the most underrated movies of all time.

About Time:

This 2013 film has the wonderful ability to balance so many aspect of storytelling. It’s comedic, dramatic, sincere, and magical, all while maintaining a grounded sense of realism. The film is centered around Tim Lake, an awkward and anxious guy who discovers the men in his family have the gift to travel back in time. Tim uses his gift to improve his life, but soon realizes that time is more complicated and precious than he ever considered. While it is plagued with a handful of plot holes related to the time traveling, the film’s charm outshines it’s problems by far.


While this story has become more popular thanks to the hit Broadway musical, the movie experienced mild success at the box office. The film is a quintessential American dream story. Jenna Hunterson (played by Keri Russell) is known throughout her small town for the deliciously inventive pies she makes at Joe’s Pie Diner. Jenna dreams of a better life away from her brutish husband Earl, but an unplanned pregnancy make her dream seem impossible. Upset over the baby, she goes to meet with her doctor to discover he’s been replace by the young and attractive Jim Pomatter. Sparks fly and Jenna has to figure out what she truly wants in life.

A Goofy Movie:

Nestled in the heart of the Disney animated renaissance with a release date surrounded by films like The Lion King, Pocahontas, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Toy Story…A Goofy Movie never stood a chance of being a box office success. While Goofy is often used as a source of slapstick comedy, this film displays the emotional side of the classic Disney character. In the film, Goofy wrestles with the reality that his son Max is growing up and distancing himself from his father. In an attempt to repair their relationship, Goofy plans a father-son fishing trip that quickly turns into a hijinks riddled road trip across the country.

Hot Rod:

Originally written for Will Ferrell, this comedy was shelved by the studio until Andy Sandberg’s The Lonely Island gave the project new life. The film follows Rod Kimble, who dreams of becoming a famous stuntman like Evel Knievel. When Rod finds out that his step-dad Frank needs a heart transplant, he decides to jump his motorcycle over 15 school buses to raise money for the surgery. The film is a classic “village idiot” tale filled with offbeat humor that true comedy diehards will love.

Hunt For The Wilderpeople:

This New Zealand film made a splash internationally, but barely made a ripple in the United States. Critics loved the film with Rotten Tomatoes giving it a 97% rating. In the film, Ricky Baker, a troubled kid in the child welfare system, gets place in the rugged home of Bella and Hec. After Bella unexpectedly dies, Ricky runs off to the woods, fearing he’ll be taken back by child welfare. Realizing Ricky is gone, Hec decides to chase after him and the two become fugitives together. This oddball adventure is as heartfelt as it is funny.

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