5 Tips For Parents Helping Their Child Pursue An Acting Career

5 Tips For Parents Helping Their Child Pursue An Acting Career

Being the parent of a child attempting to pursue a career in acting can be stressful and fraught with worry. The business can be cutthroat, and as a parent you want the best for your child at all times. Parents of child actors are often times juggling many different responsibilities and once, trying to stay on top of work, family and the child’s progress as an actor.

It can easily become overwhelming or discouraging. However, the following five tips can help take some of the stress out of parenting a child actor and lead to a healthier, happier and more successful family.

Protect Your Child

Take steps to make sure your child is always in a safe situation and that your family isn’t exposed to risk.

Some safety tips include never posting your home address when responding to any online casting boards, making sure that any acting-related professionals interacting with your child have a Child Performer Services Permit, and remaining within constant sight and/or sound of your child while you’re on a set.

Never Get Too Wrapped Up In Events Beyond Your Control

The acting world is tough, and there’s much you wish you could control but won’t be able to. Any given audition or role may or may not go your way. Learn to move on to the next one regardless of your conviction that your child might have been perfect. Luck plays a big part in the world of acting, and there’s nothing you can do about that.

Monitor The Rest of Your Family

It can be easy to focus primarily on your child pursuing the acting career, but don’t forget the rest of your family. If you have a significant other, check in with them at regular intervals to make sure that they’re feeling good with your decisions regarding your child’s acting career.

Also, make an extra special effort to connect with any other siblings. It can be easy for them to have feelings of inadequacy or neglect when comparing themselves to their child actor sibling.

Keep A Grip On Your Finances

Far too often, parents of child actors invest too much of their money into pursuing the dream, leading to major financial problems and strain in the family. Right at the onset, set realistic limits for spending on pursuing your child’s acting career, and never break those limits.

Support Your Child Emotionally

The process of auditioning for and either getting or not getting a part can be a strongly emotional experience, and this can especially affect a child. During good times and bad, make an effort to be a rock for your child to lean on.

When your child fails to receive a part, channel any feelings of personal unhappiness or anger and give your child needed perspective. And the same goes for when your child does get a part – keep an even keel to teach your child that true happiness exists outside of the validation coming from outside sources.

Logan Sekulow is a renowned producer and director.