Netflix Movies For The Family

Movies have always brought families together, and in our digital age, it’s important that you make time for the ones that love you most. Fortunately, there is a tremendous number of movies that can be enjoyed with the whole family. And there is no better place to watch movies than on one of the most popular streaming services: Netflix. From the list of family movies on Netflix by cinema blend, here is a list of four great movies on Netflix to watch as a family:

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (2009)

This movie came out in 2009, and it’s still a great choice for the whole family.

The movie begins in Flint’s hometown that prides itself on its sardines. Unwilling to follow in his father’s footsteps, Flint decides to become an inventor. One day, Flint creates a machine in an attempt to help the town, but something goes horribly wrong. Along the way, you’ll meet a talking monkey, a man baby and other wacky characters who’ll aid Flint in saving the town from danger.

If a good-natured inventor, wacky characters and heart filled moments are what you look for in a family movie, then Cloudy With A Chance Of Meat Balls has what you’re looking for.

The Croods (2013)

This movie tells the story of a family trying to survive in prehistoric times. There is plenty for everyone to enjoy in this family adventure filled with action and comedy.

With their home destroyed, the Croods are forced to go out in search of a new home. Along the way, they’ll see spectacular sights and meet eccentric strangers. However, their journey will not be without its dangers, and to overcome these dangers, they’ll need to put aside their disagreements to work together as a family.

This movie will show you that a family can overcome any odds when they come together. A movie of a family made for a family to enjoy together.

The Little Prince (2015)

A coming-of-age story that is sure to touch the hearts and minds of both kids and adults. There is plenty to love about this wonderful journey about what it means to be human.

Adapted from the popular novella titled The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the movie follows a young girl in a grown-up world who is being prepared by her mother to live within it. But she eventually meets her neighbor, the aviator, who tells her the wondrous tale of The Little Prince.

This movie has a strong message for those of all ages. Not to mention that the story is brought to life with an animation style that will capture the imagination.

Benji (2018)

Pets are just as much a part of families as anyone else. No more is that fact true than in Benji. In this 2018 Netflix version of Benji, there is a family of two kids, a mom and an adorable terrier.

When the kids are kidnapped, it’s up to Benji to do everything to help the children that gave him a home when he needed one.

Families who cherish their pets will enjoy this heartwarming movie, so get ready to watch one of the most touching movies about a family and their dog.

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