The Top 3 Non-Horror Horror Movies of All Time

The Top 3 Non-Horror Horror Movies of All Time

Movies do not necessarily have to be described as a horror movie in order to frighten viewers in some way or another. Some elements of a dramatic movie can be so disturbing in some manner that they can be unsettling to viewers. Note that this is not necessarily a bad thing, but rather an intended consequence of the filmmaker who sets out to shock. Here are three of the top non-horror horror movies.


Melancholia starts off with disturbing imagery about the dangerous state of the world and “progresses” from there. The movie is literally about the impending end of the world. This looming catastrophe is hanging over your head the entire movie, and the end promises to be fiery and violent. Viewers live with that knowledge so long as they are watching. Even if there are no overt horror scenes, the end of the world is certainly a disturbing matter. The combination of the foreboding images and the haunting score is enough to profoundly impact the viewer. Melancholia is both an overt expression of impending destruction as well as a subtle examination of a steep descent into depression. The entire movie is an exercise in waiting for a violent end, knowing all along that it is on the way.

No Country For Old Men

The entirety of this film will leave viewers literally in a state of shock. The level of depraved violence in the movie is enough to unsettle even the most hardened viewer. The villain, Anton Chigurh, is so convincingly evil that he is likely to give viewers nightmares for a long time to come after watching this movie. The film manages to look eerie, even during broad daylight. There are numerous scenes in the movie that are iconic in how disturbing they truly are. If you are faint of heart, this movie is most definitely not for you. However, the Coen Brothers are so brilliant at what they do, that you will likely not be able to take your eyes off of it for the entire movie.


Any movie in which Anthony Hopkins plays the titular villain will likely leave viewers shaking, even if this was an adaptation of a work by Shakespeare. Hopkins’ portrayal of the Roman general is chilling. This movie will not leave it to the viewer’s imagination exactly how evil mankind can be at its worst. Titus is a disturbingly violent character who is intricately played by Hopkins. This portrayal of Titus will most definitely shock audiences. Revenge tragedies are terrifying in general, but the particular cinematography and images used in this movie make it all the more so. The blood and gore factors of this drama are so off the charts, that this movie rivals any horror film.

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The 10 Best Kids Movies of All Time

The 10 Best Kids Movies of All Time

As the weather begins to cool and kids everywhere begin their retreat inside, it is a good idea to have a list of recommended movies for children on hand. Here are ten of the most beloved movies sure to please any child:


This classic movie stars Judy Garland as Dorothy Gale, a girl from Kansas who finds herself in the magical land of Oz after being swept up in a tornado. Along her journey, Dorothy makes many friends and has quite the adventure. But in the end, the pull of home is too strong in this endearing story.


This Steven Speilberg flick teaches kids about the power of empathy and the connections that form if you open your heart to others. Although this movie might be slightly frightening to young children, people of all ages will feel their heartstrings tugged as the story comes to a climatic and emotional end.


Pixar does it again in this inspiring story of a dad going to the ends of the earth to find his cherished son, Nemo.


Your kids will be singing along in this foot-stomping adventure through the streets of London. The sequel is due out soon so this is a perfect time to introduce your kids to the magic of Mary Poppins and her friends.


People of all ages will delight in this classic tale of love and magic. Boys and girls will both appreciate the romance, sword fights, and miracles detailed in this fantastical story.


Like “The Princess Bride”, these movies offer something for kids of all ages and genders. The witchcraft and wizardry draw viewers into a magical world of mystery and fun. As a bonus, the movies might inspire your children to delve into the equally amazing series of books.


Who ya gonna call? Dial up this movie for a family-friendly adventure guaranteed to make your kids howl with laughter. Parents will also enjoy taking the stroll down the memory lane of this classic film.


Disney’s latest family movie is the ideal story to teach children about the importance of family and honoring your heritage. Rich in color and lyrical music, this beautiful movie will make you want to hug your children tighter as you appreciate the strong bond of family connection.


This iconic Disney movie represents some of the best features of filmmaking during its time. Although still in its infancy, the innovative CGI technology shines through while the classic music weaves a story that is truly a tale as old as time.


This classic fairytale is still a winner after all of these years. The bursting color, romance, and magic of this story will give everyone a happily ever after.

The only thing you need now is a big bowl of popcorn!

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7 Must-Read Books For Actors

7 Must-Read Books For Actors

Whether you are already an established actor, an actor looking to make a name for themselves in the industry, or just interested in the opinion of other actors, there are several books out there that would behoove you to read. The backgrounds of these books are varied and range in various aspects so there is sure to be something out there for anyone searching. From director to actor, and playwright to teacher, these are books that are sure to have something for everyone looking to hone in on their craft.

1. A Life in Parts

This autobiography by Bryan Cranston essentially acts as a muse and inspiration for the reader. If you are looking to build your career, gain skills to becoming a better actor, and understand the all-around works of acting in general, than this book is for you.

2. An Actor Prepares

This popular book by Constantin Stanislavski is one of the best, known training books for an actor in the world. This is a book published in the mid-1930s that helps lay the groundwork and fundamentals of acting from every standpoint. You are taught the ways of giving a performance that comes off as real and authentic while also understanding how to prepare for the acting world. It is not enough to just act but to also have the mindset of acting. An Actor Prepares helps with that and so much more.

3. The Actor and the Target

This guide by Declan Donnellan speaks from the perspective of a director. It has a sense of practicality and authenticity not normally found from the director’s perspective so it would definitely behoove someone wanting to see that perspective.

4. The Golden Rules of Acting

This book by Andy Nyman conveys a tale of an actor trying to make it in the world and how to best accomplish that. It is about being successful and working hard to attain that dream by any means necessary.

5. Audition

What is interesting about this book is it is by a casting director, Michael Shurtleff Michael Shurtleff has worked on many different plays that most of us have heard of and talks of the atmosphere between his role and that of the actors. It is an interesting spin that many will find interesting and useful.

6. Respect for Acting

This book is a classic that has been around for over 40 years. Written by Uta Hagen, this book gives the perspective of an acting teacher who helps actors develop their craft and understand what is expected of them in the industry.

7. Actions: the Ator’s Thesaurus

This is an interesting book on the rehearsal by Marina Caldarone that goes into the science and technique of what is expected when rehearsing for a role. You are given action words and other verbiage to help with the layout of a rehearsal room and how to nail it the first time around.

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Why It’s Important For Actors to Think On Their Feet

Why It's Important For Actors to Think On Their Feet

“I got your back.”

This phrase has been repeated for years before scenes begin, curtains rise, and audiences hush. It’s a reminder that no matter what happens, even if there’s jitters or someone forgets a line, others will do their best to help keep the story on track.

That’s the power of thinking on your feet or improvisation.

To many actors, this is a powerful creative tool. A way to add personal elements to a story that would otherwise be unseen. Elements that simply cannot be communicated in a script in every detail. In other words, it adds a more imperfect, human touch.

This is why improvisation is so vital to a performance, or to any piece of art. Mistakes will no doubt be made, but if you have a good actor or team, they can literally think their way out of it in real time. They can save the show.

The secret is not to move forward, but backward.

Instead of trying to decide all these details in your head and create a whole world around yourself, start small. Who are you, and who is she? Where are we? What are we trying to accomplish? By asking little questions and playing off of the responses to these questions, actors can create worlds they never knew existed.

In fact, you may be surprised how many famous scenes in movies were actually improvised. Take a look at the sword vs. gun scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Initially, that scene was supposed to be an elaborate sword and whip fight, but due to Harrison Ford getting food poisoning, he quickly pulled his revolver on the villain instead. Some believe this made Indy even more of a rebel than he was before and benefited the scene.

Or the classic line “You talkin’ to me?,” found in Robert De Niro’s performance in Taxi Driver. So memorable and iconic, and very much improvised.

That’s not to say that it’s without effort. While a majority of acting requires the memorization of lines to tell a story, improvisation requires something different: adaptability, creativity, and steady nerves. This is the case whether the actor is working on a blockbuster movie scene with endless retakes or a stage play in front of a crowd of people. This is because directors don’t always stick to the script.

“There are certain times when a whole scene could get added,” says RJ Cyler who co-stars in White Boy Rick alongside Matthew McConaughey. “You need to know it in 30 minutes as if you’ve been rehearsing it for 2 years.”

If this sounds like a challenge, you’d be right.

It goes beyond that though, it’s a war. A battle to meet together and perform a clear vision of the story, true to its original form and spirit. All are fighting to bring their art to life.

This is because, as with any piece of art, the beauty lies in the imperfections.

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The 10 Best Superhero Movies of All Time

The 10 Best Superhero Movies of All Time

With the ever increasing slew of superhero films hitting the big screen, there of course needs to be a must-watch list! Here’s a list of the top ten superhero films of all time! This list, is of course, subject to personal preference, and internet fisticuffs are all but expected.

Number 10: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Let’s be honest, compared to everything else this movie is up here on the list as kind of a pity vote. Do better DC, Marvel is totally trashing you in the theaters.

Number 9: Wonder Woman

Doing better DC. Of all the DC Extended Universe, Wonder Woman is easily the strongest showing to date. It’s honestly just plain better than Justice League.

Number 8: Guardians of the Galaxy

If you wanted to bust a gut laughing at the theaters, this is a movie you can watch and have a good time with just about anyone. The dialogue is great, the humor is superb, and the characters, marvelous.

Number 7: Iron Man

Arguably the Marvel film that really kick-started the entire MCU, Robert Downey Jr.’s portrayal of Tony Stark fits like a suit of perfectly cave-forged powered armor. Cool, classy, and with just that little bit of over the top snark.

Number 6: X-Men Apocalypse

One thing Fox got over Disney? Quicksilver.

Be it this movie or the prequel, Quicksilver’s scenes are possibly the coolest superhero moments ever.

Number 5: Logan

There’s just something about Logan that really hits home after all of Hugh Jackman’s time on the big screen as Wolverine.

He’s old.

He’s tired.

But he’s still got that little bit of juice left and a whole lot of willpower to do the right thing. A more satisfying conclusion to a beloved character’s story couldn’t be asked for.

Number 4: Avengers: Infinity War

It was a hell of a ride watching nearly all of the Marvel heroes show up on the same screen. Sadly this means character development takes a back-burner, and a lot of scenes aren’t as awesome as they could’ve been.

Knowing the movie has a second part doesn’t help matters much either.

Number 3: Spider-Man Homecoming

Without a doubt, this is the best Spider-Man film to come out after the original Raimi trilogy and the Amazing Spider-Man reboot. While Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield always felt too old to play as a young Peter Parker, Tom Holland absolutely nails the role with a splendid breath of fresh air. Not only is the film packed with action and Spidey humor, Holland’s performance is both believable and true the character’s roots.

Number 2: Deadpool

Who says you can’t have a successful rated R superhero movie? Although arguably more an anti-hero than a do-gooder caped crusader, Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool is absolutely hilarious. We don’t talk about his original appearance in the Wolverine films, however. Deadpool makes enough jokes about that on his own.

Number 1: The Dark Knight

It’s been a little over ten years since Christopher Nolan’s second Batman film released in theaters and made everyone lose their minds. This is one of those movies where the villain outshines the hero, and boy does Heath Ledger’s Joker deliver. There is literally nothing bad that can be said about this film.

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Five Tips for Becoming a Successful Voice-Over Actor

Five Tips for Becoming a Successful Voice-Over Actor

Are you interested in doing voice-over work? Voice-over actors work on cartoons, television and radio commercials and more. If you want to get into this career, it can be valuable to get advice from professionals in the field. Consider these five tips from casting directors so you can get a leg up on your voice-over career!

Nurture Your Acting Skills

Voice-over work requires you to convey as much feeling as an actor would in a television show or movie. Studying acting means learning how to find the motivation behind a character’s actions and delivering a convincing portrayal of a character. A voice-over actor uses these same skills. Voice-over actors are just as physical as stage or film actors as they move around and gesture while portraying a character. Voice-over actors must put even more emotion into their performance because they’re behind-the-scenes.

Don’t Try to Imitate Others

Maybe you give a great imitation of a voice-over actor working on television today. Imitating the actor is good for practice, but it’s best to carve out your own niche in voice-over acting. Come up with your own voices and characters so you aren’t just an imitation of what is already being done. After all, you’re trying to blaze your own trail as a voice-over actor.

Learn How to Evaluate A Script

Evaluating a voice-over script is an important part of the work of this type of actor. Evaluate the script by determining what kind of character you are playing. How can you bring vitality and life to the character? What tone of voice would suit that character? Reading through the dialogue and getting a feel for the character is going to prove useful for your audition. Casting directors can tell which voice-over actors do their homework and which fly by the seat of their pants for an audition.

Practice Your Skills With Commercials

Practicing your voice-over skills is easily done by listening to and imitating commercials on radio and television. Pay attention to the tone of the voice-over actor, the pauses and the inflections in the person’s voice. Knowing when to pause or how to adjust your tone are two invaluable skills that can be learned by paying close attention to successful voice-over actors.

Arrive Early to an Audition

Whether you’re a stage actor, a movie actor or a voice-over actor, it’s always a good idea to arrive early to an audition. This gives you time to examine the script and your part in it. You can use the time to evaluate what your part is and come up with some strategies for voices. Also, utilize the time to warm-up your vocal cords and relax before your time to audition arrives.


These are just five tips to keep in mind as you go on auditions. Even if you don’t get a part after auditioning, you can still count it as valuable experience to incorporate on your next audition.

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10 Famous Movie Lines That Were Improvised

10 Famous Movie Lines That Were Improvised

Movies are planned years in advance with the majority of films not even beginning to production without a highly polished script. However, many of the most iconic moments in movie history were the result of an actor improvising their lines after gaining the trust of their director.

1. Taxi Driver

Perhaps the most famous lines in movie history, “You talkin’ to me” has been imitated and reworked on numerous occasions. Robert De Niro was given a simple stage direction of his character, Travis Bickle talking into a mirror which morphed into a classic scene.

2. Titanic

1997 blockbuster, Titanic cemented Leonardo DiCaprio as a leading man with his much-loved, “I’m the king of the world” line becoming iconic. DiCaprio shouted the line when first arriving on the recreation of the ship and was liked so much, director James Cameron found a place for it in the script.

3. Casablanca

Throughout the movie, Humphrey Bogart’s character, Rick refers to Ingrid Bergman as “kid.” The line, “Here’s looking at you, kid” was initially said by Bogart when he and Bergman played poker offscreen. Bogart liked the line so much he brought it to the 1942 classic.

4. The Empire Strikes Back

Still recognized as the classic of the series, “Star Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back” is known for the moment Princess Leia tells Han Solo she loves him. Harrison Ford was supposed to reply, “I love you too” but felt it was out of character for Solo. Instead, he simply said, “I know” and went down in movie history.

5. This is Spinal Tap

Christopher Guest is known for creating improvised comedies with a loose script, but his most famous must be, “This is Spinal Tap.” The movie includes the classic line, “It’s a fine line between stupid and clever” which has become as iconic as any in film history.

6. The Silence of the Lambs

Sir Anthony Hopkins deservedly won an Oscar and hit the Hollywood A-list for his turn as Hannibal the Cannibal opposite Jodie Foster. A dedicated stage actor prior to his Hollywood breakthrough, Hopkins wanted to keep Foster unsettled between takes and began to use the hiss which became iconic as part of the “… with a nice chianti” line.

7. His Girl Friday

Cary Grant stars in this 1940 fast-talking screwball comedy alongside Katherine Hepburn. Grant ad-libbed the line, “The last man to say that to me was Archie Leach.” The irony being, Grant’s real name was Archibald Leach.

8. Shaun of the Dead

Now seen as a genre-bending classic, “Shaun of the Dead” comes from the minds of Nick Frost, Simon Pegg, and director Edgar Wright. Many lines were improvised during the filming of this first part of the Cornetto trilogy, including “and he invented the mobile disco” when describing the clientele of The Winchester pub.

9. Being John Malcovich

Starring John Cusack and Cameron Diaz, this cult favorite includes the line, “Hey Malkovich, think fast.” The actor is hit in the head by a beer can as the line is shouted from a moving car, the car was simply supposed to drive past Malkovich without incident.

10. The Warriors

Another cult favorite, “The Warriors” includes many iconic lines, none more so than “Warriors, come out to play.” Actor David Patrick Kelly improvised the line after feeling merely clinking together bottles would not provoke the gang into a fight.

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The 10 Best Movies about Ghosts Ever Made

The Best Top 10 Ghost Movies Ever

The truth is there are a variety of spooky ghost movies out there for everyone, from the darkest evil ghosts to the most comical ghosts. Whatever type movie you tend to like, you will enjoy the same bag of buttered popcorn.

10. The Ring

The Ring is a very good ghost movie about the unfortunate death of a girl who is linked to the mysterious tapes and the deaths of everyone who watches them. Definitely a good thriller that makes you jump.

9. Mama

Following 5 years after the death of their parents, too little girls are lost, living in an abandoned cabin in the woods. Found by their Uncle and his girlfriend, they were given a normal home to live in. However, the girls did not leave the woods alone.

8. Ghostbusters

One of the most fun ghost movies ever made. Four scientists lose their day jobs and decide to fight the supernatural as a business. This movie will have you laughing and jumping from ghosts at the same time.

7. Poltergeist

In this paranormal thriller, ghosts begin communicating with a young girl through the living room television. After befriending her, the ghosts become mean and demanding, forcing the parents to seek help from an exorcist and parapsychologist.

6. Candyman

A graduate student researches an urban legend that some people believe led to a murder of someone in the community. Helen soon finds this legend of a tortured slave may be following her.

5. The Others

During World War II, a mom and her two children move into a large home while the husband is missing after leaving to fight the war. With all curtains drawn and doors remaining shut throughout the house, they try living normally. Strange things begin happening in the house, which the mom never seems to get complete control over.

4. Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice is about a married couple and their daughter who move into a house after the previous owners were killed in a car accident. They are stuck haunting their own home, but discover they need the help of Beetlejuice to scare the family out.

3. The Sixth Sense

A boy, Cole Sear, is seeing a psychologist who wants Cole to open up. The ghostly twist in this movie will have you out of your seat. Watch what happens when the boy decides to trust the psychologist. Very cleverly written.

2. The Amityville Horror

Based on a book of true events, this movie follows a family who thought they found the perfect home in Amityville, NY. They were not aware of the previous tenant killing his own family in the same house. The couple hired a priest to get rid of the dark demons in the home.

1. The Conjuring

The Conjuring is based on real life facts about top Demonologists who were called in to help a family fight off the evil that made itself known in their farmhouse. Unbeknownst to them, the farmhouse had its own dark history yet to be discovered.

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The 5 Best Black and White Horror Movies of All Time

The 5 Best Black and White Horror Movies of All Time

When it comes to all-time great movies in the horror movie, there are plenty of classics. However, many modern day horror fans tend to focus on the films full of colorful images of blood, gore, and terror. Surprisingly, there are more than a handful of black and white horror movies worth watching, more than a few times. Here are five of the all-time best in the category.


Travel back to 1922 when horror got a serious kickstart from Nosferatu, a movie which first arrived in Germany. It’s one of the earliest films to really help tell the horrifying tale of Count Dracula (changed to Count Orlok), based on the famous Bram Stoker horror novel. The film also came under controversy as Stoker’s heirs sued and the court ruled that all copies must be destroyed. However, just like the Dracula tale, copies have survived for horror fans to check out in the modern day.

Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Yet another 1920’s classic, this isn’t just in black and white, but also completely silent. This early horror film is about a hypnotist who takes control of a sleepwalker. While that sounds like a fun concept, the hypotist also hasan evil nature to him. Rather than using the hypnotic power for party games, he uses his subject to kill off people. Horror fans and film enthusiasts alike will find plenty to appreciate when viewing this classic.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Jack Finney’s “The Body Snatchers” provided source material for this film about alien invaders who take over human bodies as their hosts. The 1950s movie also had a smart political undercurrent as it was during the time of McCarthyism, where everyone was suspicious of those around them. This gripping terror worked very well as early black and white sci-fi/horror and even saw a 1978 remake done in color which is also stellar.


Any all-time great list of horror movies should include this 1960s classic from director Alfred Hitchcock. It tells the story of Norman Bates and his psychotic tendencies based on a strange relationship with his mother. Despite being a black and white film, viewers felt the terror of many moments in the film. The film helped Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh became household names, with Perkins appearing in three sequels for this box office hit. The screaming shower murder scene is also considered iconic in horror to this day.

Night of the Living Dead

The zombie genre has come a long way, but this classic helped launch the concept. This was the debut film from director George A. Romero and it certainly delivered back in 1968. It features the tale of seven people who become trapped in a farmhouse as zombies descend upon the area looking for consumable flesh. The film spawned plenty of sequels, spinoffs, and reboots, and cost just $114,000 to film near Pittsburgh. Compared to today’s high-cost CGI-driven horror, this one still stands the test of time.

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