How to Pursue an Acting Career

How to Pursue an Acting Career

Building a successful acting career requires talent, practice, and hard work. Some might even say luck helps as well. But one thing is certain, and that is you need a plan. You’ve taken several acting classes, but what’s next? Here are a few pointers to get you on the road to acting success.

Decide What Type of Jobs You Want

Some actors primarily make movies. Some appear mostly on Broadway, and still others are seen primarily on television. That’s because most actors focus on a specific area. That doesn’t mean they can’t accept a variety of jobs. It’s just the main focus is on building a career in a specific area. So, what do you want to do?

It’s great if you already know what you’re going after. Maybe you know you’re meant for movies. Or maybe Broadway is your goal. But if all you know is that you want to act, then you need a more concrete goal. Put yourself out there and audition for various jobs. You’ll discover what type of roles you do and don’t enjoy playing.

Find the Work

An actor interested in theater might move to New York or Chicago. An actor interested in television or movies might choose Los Angeles or London. Investigate to discover which cities offer the best opportunities for actors. If you’re not close to one of these locations, you’ll want to consider relocating. You’ll never get work if you’re too far away to reach auditions.

Get Experience

When you’re a new actor, it helps to start building a portfolio as soon as possible. The more credits you have, the better. That means taking small parts in commercials, doing local theater, or being an extra. You might audition for one role, but then a casting director suggests you try for another part. Do it. At this stage in your career, you’re just trying to get work. However, don’t let anyone force you to perform roles that make you feel degraded or ashamed. If it feels wrong, then it’s not for you.


Having the right connections plays a big role in building an acting career. People like working with actors that they already know and like. They’re also likely to recommend those actors to others in the industry. Attend networking events, parties, conferences, expos, shows, and other events that allow networking. Just keep in mind that getting work in your number one priority. Networking is important, but it shouldn’t interfere with auditioning.

Hire an Agent

An agent will have information about roles and auditions that aren’t publicly known. This will give you access to roles you couldn’t get on your own. Get an agent who has access to the type of jobs you want. If you want to pursue television, then find an agent who works in that area. An agent who specializes in theater isn’t the best choice for finding work in movies.

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